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Marketing villains on four wheels September 27, 2008

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Two companies that never seem to get it right with their marketing in India- one is Fiat and another is Force Motors.

Fiat is trying hard for a brand overhaul- so they launch the Fiat 500. It was a classic during its heydey.. now its a small car which can seat two people and your kids toys.  The engine isnt all that great either and it costs more than a Honda Civic! I don’t think people would pay so much extra for the added feature of having a thermometer inside. Even if someone had so much cash to splurge on this car, the only statement he can hope to make by driving it is- Hey, I’m dumb!. Something seems really really wrong with the guy who makes decisions in that company- it is like trying to sell Italian Pizzas from 6 to 6:30 in the morning at Madurai.

Force motors launches superb products- their marketing team works overtime to kill it. Force was the company that used to bring out Tempo Trax- now renamed Force motors. Right from being the pioneer in introducing the LCV segment in India to having the first overhead camshaft engine in the segment, they were the ones to beat. But hardly anyone knows about such a company. They make arguably the best 4×4 available in India- the Gurkha. When it comes to sheer offroading capability it will beat the Pajeros, X5s and the Landcruisers hands down… But all people have heard about is the neighbourhood Gurkha and his whistle!

Wonder why such failures never come up as case studies in B-schools!


Economies of scale in advertising June 4, 2008

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– Thought I should write about this before it becomes too late & another attempt to blog regularly.

The scale of things that Reliance forays into is astounding. While everyone was busy enjoying the show before the start of IPL and eagerly awaiting the toss, did someone notice that the only name advertised on the stage was ‘Reliance’? And considering the sort of mega hit that IPL has become, the amount of money Reliance would have spent for that would be… to put it very lightly… mind boggling.

Keep in mind that they declared a year on year increase of 63% in net profit over the previous year on March, 2008. That is great growth for any company, but for a company the size of RIL, it definitely is worth more than a case study in B-schools!

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