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Worldspace- much more to hear April 27, 2007

Posted by topedgemonk in Consumer electronics.
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Worldspace is really nice. I love their interruption free music without those annoying RJs trying to sound cool in between. Some soft non-intrusive music playing in the background is a pleasure to work also. Worldspace provides no guarantee or warranty on any of the peripherals- the wire, the antenna etc. So if I was the desperate and devious sales manager of Worldspace, I would send theives to steal the antenna because antennas are externally placed where and I know the exact address, position and how many screws have been put to secure it because it is my men who have done the installation! Worldspace anyway does not make money on ads, they dont make money on the receiver sets, they make money on antennas! Great!

I did not think of this till my antenna got stolen. I wrote to customer care for a quote for the antenna. Their ‘authorised’ service center charges me 30% more than the quote given by the customer care department and multiple emails for clarification go unanswered. Sorry to say this, but worldspace customer care sucks. big time.

The rise and rise of Apple- now the iPhone January 11, 2007

Posted by topedgemonk in Apple, Consumer electronics, Microsoft.
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Microsoft launched the Zune to combat Apple’s iPod and take some market share away from them. Apple launches the iPhone- combining three devices into one, a widescreen iPod, a revolutionary phone and a internet browsing device, all on a beautiful handheld device.

Is there any sensible person around who would go and buy a Microsoft Zune now? The launch of the iPhone has more or less killed the Zune, which anyway was not very successful anyway. On top of that, the elegant looks of the iPhone constitute the epitaph on the Zune grave.

The king of software still sits in Redmond. Starting with axing the Internet Explorer using the Safari browser, apple is moving to greater heights in the software world. I love it when the guys in Cupertino do their ‘insanely great’ things. Great work Steve!

Here is a very good logical article on why the iPhone may or may not succeed.