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Meeting up with Tux, the penguin! January 8, 2007

Posted by topedgemonk in Desktops.
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Its been quite a long time. I have been wanting to kick out the windows XP professional out of my laptop and put in a linux build. Ubuntu sounds good. Dapper Drake 6.06, with three years long term support!! wow! this is awesome. I chance upon a book with the title ‘Ubuntu Linux for non-geeks’ by Rickford Grant. All my apprehensions get washed away when I read the first chapter of the book. Its written in a very readable style and without too much technical jargon.
Carefully back up all the data I have in piles of CDs and store them safely.
I slide in the installation CD and restart the machine to boot up from the live CD. It seems horribly slow, but then my laptop is 3 years old and out of its prime. But after some time the first screen flickers on just as told in the book. Great! I press ‘Forward’ and wait… and wait…I try starting from square one again… and wait… and wait…fall off to sleep and wake up and see… the system has still not budged. So much for the book for non-geeks!
Thankfully I meet my geeky cousin and he magnanimously agrees to help me out. A bit of a Gates admirer, he insists on a dual boot, but I wont have any of that. I know that if i’m gonna learn this system, its gonna have to be just one system on the disk. After all, necessity is the mother of invention.
As it turned out, just installing in safe mode did the trick. Installation was a breeze.
I absolutely love it when these guys have repositories all over the world and I can download whatever program they have available in their repostiories and with the right dependencies. Installation is easier than a windows system!

This is my first post powered by Tux!