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Media and stock market January 21, 2008

Posted by topedgemonk in Finance.
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The media plays a key role in swaying the investor sentiment in the case of retail investors. Especially the category of investors who lose most money in the event of a crash. Incidentally, I saw more than three articles in reputed business newspapers yesterday saying sensex is going to rebound after touching 19K. It has closed below 17.5K today!

Even in the scenario of some fact written in the paper being right, it means that has happened the previous day and come in print the next day. Whoever had to make money has made money. The one who bases his daily trade on the news article is not going to make his money.

Ajay Shah has written about the unholy nexus between companies and print media on his blog.
Exchanging some stock for positive media exposure? We dont expect such behaviour from the fourth estate. But yeah, its there.

Your chances of making money in the markets are highest if you know how the system works to such an extent that you can trust your gut instincts.

Remember: You never buy a stock, it always gets sold to you.

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Stripping !! September 13, 2006

Posted by topedgemonk in Finance.
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Naa… it aint what you thought!

STRIP- separate trading of registered interest and principal. Of a bond and selling them as two different zero coupon bonds.

What is dividend stripping?

It refers to a practice where a person buys a share just before dividends are going to be declared, gets the dividend and sells it off – obviously at a lower price. So he gets tax free dividend income. He also gets to show a capital loss in his tax returns.

But, is it worth it? take into account the brokerage, the risk of keeping a share overnight, price slippages in a illiquid market etc..

well… wats the fun in life without some risk?;)