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Turning retail management principles on its head November 15, 2006

Posted by topedgemonk in retail.
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Welcome to Saravana Stores, T-nagar, Chennai. Retail customer experienc- nil. Apathetic employees. Lowest prices- wonderful!. Retail footfall- well, its more like a stampede, chances are you will visit all the 7 floors (yes, its sprawled out on all 7 floors) because you have no option but to be pulled by the sea of people moving. Saravana stores seels stuff at unbelievably low prices, you get more discount than you would get at a wholesale outlet of the same brand. The business thrives on Volumes (with a capital ‘V’). They procure stuff in bulk at low prices ( talk about an order for a 500 televisions!) any manufacturer would set up a factory exclusively for the store and supply televisions to it. But, in case you are looking for some peculiar type of TV, sorry this is not the place. If you have size 11 feet, sorry sir, this is not your place. The store stocks only the fastest moving stuff that is in highest demand.

But are wonderful prices that great? For one, I don’t think I save much by shopping at Saravana stores. Firstly, I feel I buy more things than necessary only because I think this is cheaper than what I get outside. I lose money here. Secondly, the shopping experience is horrible with people pushing you around and no place to try on your clothes. There is no good salesman to attend to you. I would not mind paying a few extra bucks for better service. Getting onto that street itself is like being on a mumbai metro station in the evening. Shopping at this place is more like a adventure trip rather than a pleasurable shopping trip